Inverse is aiming to build an outstanding profile in both residential and commercial spaces.
Our talented interior design team brings diversity of experience, fresh perspective and originality that is combined with exceptional technical expertise and extraordinary attention to interior detailing and space planning.

Commitment to design excellence

our business is committed to design excellence however, design is not considered in isolation.
We consider budgets, timeframe and business requirements and objectives.
The end result is the best design based on your business and budget.

A successful partnership

Inverse belives that to be successful we need to work in partnership with our clients. This is not just attending a few meetings, it is a full hands on approve whre were
seek to understand your requirements.
It is only when we understand our client’s needs and vision that we can create truly unique and inspiring places that are functional, awe inspiring and cost effective.
If this type of partnership sounds good to you, then contact us today.
One of our experts in nterior design will be more than happy to take your call. 



Interior Design
Our export staff can assist with all aspect of interior design.

Project management
Our eperienced project managers can run our whole design project and ensure it stays on time
and on budgt.

Construction - Contracting
After our design process we can establish your unit providing interior construction services
within: office, hospitality, retail, food and beverage, technology, education and health care

Turnkey solutions
Sometimes you need a turnkey solution with all the bells and whistles. We deliver these solutions and more to clients every day.